If you read last week’s blog and thought, hmmmm, I still don’t get it. Not sure if this thing is right for me or not – let’s dig a little deeper.

Are you finding that lately you, your friends or your family are suffering from numerous odd maladies that are unusual?

Issues like:

  1. Headaches
  2. Backaches
  3. Flu-like symptoms that last a long time
  4. Digestive problems
  5. Events that completely alter your life (one or in combination) – divorce, job change, sickness, death, change in income, or other seeming catastrophe
  6. Changing sleep patterns – needing less, more or waking throughout the night
  7. Weight gain or loss for no apparent reason
  8. Depression
  9. Brain fog – feeling spacy and disconnected; listless
  10. Dizziness, falling, having accidents or breaking bones

If you are talking to doctors, trying different things, but still not coming up with enough consistent results, a Marconics multidimensional no touch energy healing session may be right for you.  It raises your body’s vibration releasing much of its 3 dimensional density.  Or perhaps a recalibration might resonate which can release up to 51% of karmic debris.

By connecting to the Marconics energy you will not only raise your vibration, but your friends and family will have more powerful healings through entrainment with your energy. It is a beautiful gift to give them!

To put it bluntly, when and if Marconics energy is right for you, you will know.  Intuitively you will get such a huge hit, a hammer will feel like it is descending on you, or maybe you will feel a quickening and an opening of a YES!!!  Follow that feeling your higher self is giving you, whether it is a yes or a no.

And if you are on the fence and need more information, you can contact me at carol@connect2joy.com, or check out my Marconics page – https://connect2joy.com/sessions/marconics-energy/.  Also at that link you can sign up for a no touch session, whether distant or in person.  If you want to skip directly to the recalibration because it speaks to you, contact me and we’ll talk by phone so you can be sure you have the information you need to make the right decision for you.

Other very good explanations of Marconics can be found on YouTube at the following links:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ax_4P3mSFIE and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrBMyIZ2iXg&t=45s
The second is a longer video and includes a demonstration after a discussion by the founder Alison David-Bird.  The demonstration starts at 56 minutes.

And of course at www.marconicrecalibration.com, the home of Marconics.

Blessings on you and your journey!


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