Every time someone says they are into the “new age”, I wince a bit mostly because regular, every day people still think of the New Age as woo woo and airy fairy…not real or of importance.  The Oxford dictionary says New Age is “alternative approaches to traditional Western culture, with an interest in spirituality, mysticism, holism, and environmentalism”. 

The funny thing is that a lot of what used to be considered alternative are now every day choices.  Chiropractic care and yoga especially fall into this category.  When I first started as a Reiki practitioner 25 years ago moving into being a Reiki master shortly thereafter, I always had to explain what energy work and healing was about and what Reiki was.  Now, all these years later, I don’t have to explain energy work or energy healing, or even Reiki since it has become the most well-known; just the specific type of energy work I’ve shifted to doing (Marconics).

There are many choices and as questions arise, which do you choose?  The fun thing about it is that you can keep taking classes and doing internet research to your heart’s content.  Look not just at what may make sense to your mind, but go with your gut, your instinct and your intuition – however you wish to call it.  You will find that some feel wrong for you no matter how much someone tries to talk you into it or how good something sounds when you read about it.  Trust yourself.  As you work your way through various options some will work better than other for you, and some are more fun.

So many people have started paying attention to the alternative approaches that the New Age isn’t new anymore.  It really isn’t old either to my way of thinking.  But it is accepted and appreciated more by a great number of people; people who are willing to learn and try new ways even if sometimes it’s the last choice after western medicine and pharmaceuticals fails them.


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