When you look back over your life do you regret anything?  Sometimes we regret a choice we make for a while, but after some time passes, that 20/20 hindsight kicks in and we realize the decision we made really turned out okay; and other times, it never does kick in that way and we always wonder if we should have chosen that road untraveled.

Take a moment and look at that choice or decision you regret.  Perhaps you regret a choice someone else made that you feel you had no part in; perhaps a divorce that was thrust upon you or losing a job.  Do you hold that heavy place in your heart that makes you sorry it happened?  If you can be really honest with yourself, how does that impact your life now?  Are you sadder because of it? Do you feel held back, unlucky or like you missed out?

What if, instead of regretting that decision, you celebrate it?  What if you say, this is a great lesson!  Maybe the lesson is to not let the next person you love get away; to try harder in a situation; love deeper; be more open and vulnerable, or have clearer communication…  What if you learned that lesson?

Imagine if the next time you have a regret over something you learn that lesson right away?  And what if the time after that, you apply that lesson to your next relationship, the next job you have, or the next situation that is similar?  Can you imagine how much better your life would be if you let go of past regrets?  How less heavy your heart would be; how more optimistic you could be; and how much happier?  The choice is up to you.  Do you live with the regret, or let it go, learning from it and reaching for the joy in life you desire?


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