How are you doing with your finances?  Do you have yourself on a budget or spend willy nilly and find yourself not doing too well at the end of the paycheck?

If your prosperity consciousness is not really doing too well for you, try writing a real honest to goodness budget out, which, while a pain, can be incredibly helpful to see where your money is going.  The money coming in and more importantly how you are spending the money going out.  How can you adjust one or the other to at least come into balance or have money left over for something fun or just for savings?

And while you are doing that, look at your limiting beliefs around money and what you deserve.  If I haven’t recommended it before, try writing out a love letter to money.  Yes, that’s what I said, you didn’t read it wrong.  Write it out as though money is a person.  Start “Dear Money”, blah, blah, blah.  If you feel like it’s never there for you; tell it – get it out on paper/computer.  Or maybe you feel like it comes and then sneaks out at night and leaves you hanging. However you feel, get it all out.  And then read it back to see if you need to add more.  After you’re done, let at least 24 hours go by before you read it again.  See it with fresh eyes.  Where are your limiting beliefs holding you back?

If you felt you both deserved and were worthy of having a positive cash flow, you would have it. Your finances would be in abundance and any concerns of lack or fear about poverty would be gone.  We all have limiting beliefs about everything in our lives.  Give me a category and we have at least one limiting belief and probably a whole lot more than that.

But remember, if you do a budget and can’t figure out how to get through there is always divine intervention.  I remember when I first bought my condo and when I figured my budget, I had enough for my mortgage, my HOA payment, my car payment, my PG&E, telephone and cable, and just barely enough for transportation to my job.  Zero money left for anything else and that included food!  I then said – okay spirit, it’s up to you.  I’ll go with your budget because I don’t see how this is going to work out on mine.  And somehow, it did work out perfectly!  I didn’t go on vacations or anything, but had more than enough to eat and not dip into my meager savings at the time.

Prosperity can be yours in abundance in every shape and form including money because you deserve every wonderful thing.


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