Do you ever feel like you are walking around in the dark? Either you don’t know something you should or someone says something that throws you for a loop; and maybe you just feel depressed, angry or feel hurt. What do you do? How do you find your way?

Do you hide out, complain to someone and spread the darkness, or maybe distract yourself so you forget how bad you feel?  If it seems like you are in the dark, sometimes all you may need is a tiny light to help you. And sometimes you get lucky and the light is bright and shining.

I’ve tried a number of ways to move out of the darkness and some work better than others for me.  And some work differently depending on the situation.  So if you feel dark, maybe one of these ideas will help you.

  1. Connecting to source to get clarity if possible – may mean prayer or meditation.
  2. Be with someone that always makes you feel better. Their vibration may uplift you even without them trying. Ever been around someone who is belly laughing? Hard not to join in.
  3. Play, even if you don’t feel like it. Find something that brings you joy and lightens your spirit. Play with your dog, your baby, other children, play tag; heck, play with Legos if you want!
  4. If you have been in the dark for a bit, try a place that brings you light. Maybe you love Disneyland and need to spend a couple of days there, or nature in the form of a beach or the nearest mountain may be your thing. Find a place and hang out for at least a couple of hours. Even your own garden could bring you peace.
  5. Concentrate on the positive. Be grateful for all you have and who you are.

Honestly, all of these ideas can work, but some may work better for you individually than others. The next time you feel down and need a little light to cheer you, see if any of these ideas help brighten your day and make your life just a little lighter.


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