Do you have trouble making decisions or do you leap in with both feet pretty easily?  If you make them easily, do you second guess or worry after you’ve made decisions until you see the outcome?

Or do you hem and haw and think of every possible scenario both good and bad, but mostly think of the worst that can happen?

I’ve done blogs on making decisions before, but honestly, if you have problems with before or after your decision-making process, this may help you.

Before you jump into anything, think of the issue you are facing and then look at one possible decision.  Focus on how your body feels.  Is there anywhere you feel tight or tense?  Do you get butterflies or an upset stomach when you think about a specific decision?  Does your throat close up or do you get a headache?  Or perhaps you feel an excitement in the pit of your stomach.

Wherever you feel it, put your attention on that part of your body.  Think through the possible decision again and then see how it feels.  If it feels “bad”, step back and then switch to the opposite or a different decision.  Test that out on your body. Do you feel anything…feel neutral…feel odd or “bad” again?  Keep trying different decisions until you get a warm feeling or a feeling of excitement, or maybe butterflies in your stomach that feels really good to you.

The cells of our body are pretty cool. They carry past life impressions, current life traumas and joys, and are very susceptible to our thinking.  When you test out your decisions on your body and feel a response, it is a way to connect to an intelligence that is a little separate from our own and yet part of who we are.

The more you do this, the easier and clearer message you’ll get. You’ll know how you feel and you might even get to a point that you can make almost instantaneous decisions feeling good about it and leaving the worry behind.  Practice, awareness and connection is key.


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