No matter who you are you probably need patience from time to time. Sometimes it’s with people – maybe your children, your spouse or your boss – or even just the customer service person who really seems like they’re in the wrong job…  Or it might be in a situation like being stuck in traffic, bad drivers, the job that is going nowhere, or a deal that is not moving forward. 

We all go there from time to time, and some people get impatient constantly.  The problem is, it’s really tough on our body if we don’t let it go.  The more impatient we get, the more stressed out, anxious and even frustrated we can get.  Road rage is a result of impatience gone to the extreme.  And I’m sure some abuse starts out with minor impatience that blows up all out of proportion with someone who has anger and other issues.

My mom used to say, God grant me patience, but I need it now!  Sort of a prayer, but also the absolute opposite of what patience is about.  But I got it.  You need it when you need it, right?  So ask yourself, how often do I get impatient?  And what do I do about it?  Do you blow off steam somehow?  Count to 10?  Leave the room?  Blow up at someone?  Scream in frustration?  (this works well to blow off steam in the car during stupid drivers and bad traffic for me…as long as I’m driving alone)  Look at how you handle your impatience while you’re calm.  See if it impacts you beyond the moment. 

I’ve always thought that patience isn’t something you can acquire.  It’s a byproduct.  If you can work on having more peace, more love, or more joy in your life, you’ll find that patience is an automatic.  Those things and people that used to bother you simply don’t anymore.  You may or may not realize it, but if you look back after you shift, you’ll see the difference.

So look at yourself.  What brings you peace, joy and love?  Sprinkle more of that into your life bit by bit and see if impatience doesn’t become a thing of the past.


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