How many times do we look in the mirror every day?  And when we do are we looking for how great we look, or do the flaws catch our attention much more often?  I have to admit to only looking in the mirror when I’m putting on makeup – what to cover up or how to make a part of me stand out that doesn’t look good enough.  And also after I’m dressed to make sure everything is in place and I don’t need to add or subtract something.  How many mirrors are in your house?  I just counted and I have four, including the ones in the bathrooms.  And you know, I think I almost never really looked.  I only saw the negative most of the time and not the fully lovely spiritual being I am.  How about you?  What do you see when you look in the mirror?

I started something that made me very uncomfortable at first but really grew on me and made me feel much better about myself. Will you join me?  I started looking in the mirror on purpose even when I didn’t need to. I would catch my eye in the mirror and say, “good work today”, “you look good”, “I’m proud of you”.  Then when that felt good I graduated myself by changing the pronoun to, “I” and “me”… “I look really good”, “I’m so smart”, “I did a really great job today”.  And then I moved to the harder one for me – looking in my eyes – “Hello gorgeous”, “I look marvelous”, “I am amazing”.  And finally I moved onto the hardest of all – from looking in my eyes to looking at my entire body and repeating all of the above.

I recommend the book “Mirror Work” by Louise Hay, a trailblazing author.

Before you get the wrong idea – this doesn’t mean you don’t want to change certain things about yourself.  But in order to make lasting changes in your mind, body and emotions, the first step is to accept who and what you are right now.  Stop resisting your reality. Embrace it, love where and who you are right now, and then decide if you wish to change.  Dare I say it…love yourself.  Mirror work is a great first step.


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