So things didn’t quite go as planned.  Now What?

What is your next step?  Do you take a moment and whine and complain?  (Which is totally human by the way, as long as you don’t get stuck there!)  Do you mourn the lost cause?  Forge ahead with the same plan anyway against all odds and all seemingly closed doors?

First work through whatever emotions that may overwhelm you when things look like they’re going wrong and then, after you find your balance, your center and your clarity – whatever you want to call it – then is the time to ask yourself…Now What?

Do you want to stick with the goal, give it up or adjust it?  Or perhaps it isn’t the ultimate goal that needs to be changed at all, but you see a different path or choice to get where you want to go.

The next time you hit an obstacle or roadblock that looks unmovable, think, Now What?  Allow your thoughts to run wild.  Write down or type up all the thoughts that come to you no matter how crazy they may seem.  Keep going until you run out of ideas.

For example, you may think you want a promotion that goes to someone else.  Your ideas to get the job you want may be many – like taking more classes on your own; looking for a job you can apply for with a different company; asking your boss for more responsibility in the area you want; flat out asking what you’re lacking for the job you wanted; hiring a hit man to take out the competition…or your boss…now I said crazy ideas…write them ALL down, no matter how nuts they seem because sometimes we have to get those impossible ones out of our system to find those ideas that seem hidden, but really are workable.

Now What? can work magic.  It can open your mind to other ideas and avenues that you hadn’t even thought of before and make that goal you thought impossible, possible.  Or perhaps, even shift and adjust to a goal above and beyond what you thought possible.

So…Now What?


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