Holy smokes!  Sometimes life is SO busy we forget what is important, because, I mean, who has the time to even think about that!??  We just keep packing our calendars more and more full of stuff.  Have you ever stopped to actually look at your calendar to see what’s on it?  Or maybe think through your day to what you are really doing?  Besides maybe having a day job, there may be a meeting for work after hours, our child’s sports game, the gym, cooking, cleaning, driving car pool, commuting, hobbies we try to fit in, dating or a date night with our loved one (oh, yeah, did you forget to add that one in?)…way too many things.

So, are you enjoying your life? Or are you SO busy “doing” that you forget to “be”.  The next time you are running for your car…STOP…just dead in your tracks and look around before you go in the garage.  Look at that tree, the sky, the child playing outside…anything you can find that will make you take a deep breath and be grateful.

And then, take a look at that calendar.  How many things REALLY need to be there?  Can you cut a few things out and say NO even if you have to delegate them, and then say YES to what you really want to do?  Play a game – figure out what brings you joy and then find some time to do it.  If you can take a few minutes a day, or an hour once a week.  Be kind to yourself, because stress and overwhelm, is our gift to ourselves by letting circumstances rule us.  Take back your power, your time and your life.  Say YES to you and find your joy again…or maybe even for the first time!


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