When you think about starting a new project or a new plan in your life do you love it?  Hate it?  Or maybe it’s just another project you need to do.

And what about relationships? Do you jump right in; wade in slowly; or stay out of the pool altogether?

In nature if you plant a seed for corn, and you tend it and water it, you’ll get corn. If you plant a seed for zucchini, you’ll get zucchini.  And if you plant a seed for a palm tree, you’ll get a palm tree. Not at any time that you plant that corn seed will you get tomatoes, or an African violet instead of a palm tree.  We can have faith in that.

However, in “regular life” it seems like anytime you start something new, even with the best of plans all laid out, the outcome could be totally different than what you think going in, which can make us a little worried about jumping in. But if you look back once you have an outcome, many times you will see quite clearly why the outcome happened. You can see you actually planted the wrong seed, meaning you thought you wanted something but really started working towards the outcome for something else without realizing it.

So, be clear what you want. Be absolutely sure that seed you are planting is what you are looking for, and then stop digging it up and checking on it!  Trust that what you want will happen. Keep working towards it; see it clearly in your mind and get excited about it.

The clearer you can be from the beginning of what you want, the more you can trust that what will sprout and grow will be that dream or goal…and if you sprinkle a little Miracle Grow (that trust and belief), the result will be even bigger and better than you ever imagined.


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