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To Inspire You to Connect to Your Best Life

Everyone needs help now and again whether it’s with business or your personal life, especially during a time of change. Shifting your mindset can change your reality. Carol’s mission in life and as a speaker is to help each person who is ready to transform their life. To live with intention going from self-doubt, lack and fear to a life of joy and purpose. 

The radio show, Living Your Limitless Life on Voice America is one way she is connecting to the people she serves. 

Listen to the latest show here  (more episodes below):

The Joy Corner on YouTube are weekly I Am affirmations, and she has many guided visualizations/meditations and other videos available.
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Carol is a dynamic motivational speaker, with over 150 YouTube videos and with a background as an actor and Toastmaster.  She has spoken at churches, libraries, various clubs, including the Rotary Club and the Elks Club, Chamber of Commerce functions, and Holistic Chamber of Commerce gatherings and functions.

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or 415-943-0333 with questions and to book her

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