Are you going through life in kind of a blasé way?  No real enthusiasm nor interest in much that’s going on?  Maybe you’ve had so many problems or issues that you just are done engaging, or maybe you came into this life with this lack of enthusiasm and drive.  Whether any of these scenarios feel like you (or someone you know) or you just lack energy to participate much in life, this blog is for you.

When I think of “ramp it up”, I think of being more engaged and being more fully present.  Giving whatever I want to be doing or having more energy and attention; staying focused and having the drive and interest to move my life in an exciting and fun direction.

How does that sound to you?  Good, but really impossible?  Do you have a direction to ramp up?

So first, if you have a lack of energy, are depressed or have a problem focusing your energy, you might want to get tested by a doctor; but if it’s something obvious like eating well, sleeping better, adding more movement to your life, drinking more water, adding meditation, or the like, start by ramping up your own health.  That could give you more than enough focus and energy to ramp up other things in your life.

And once you are feeling ready, look at the different areas of your life.  Where is a good place to ramp it up?  One particular relationship…your job…your home environment…your kids…  Try focusing on one area and find ways to ramp up the love, the focus, the enthusiasm, whatever it takes to make your life better for you.  It may mean nothing to someone else, but to you, the one area you choose might move mountains and make your life so much more meaningful than ever before.

You deserve a wonderful and fulfilling life.  By becoming more engaged and focused on what matters to you, your life will shift and change.  So think about it, and then ramp it UP!


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