Is Your Life Changing and You Don’t Know What to Do?

Or perhaps your life isn’t moving at all, and you need to get unstuck because fear or something else must be holding you back, right?  

Change can be scary, but sometimes not changing is just unthinkable. 

I get it…I’ve certainly been there!

When life smacks you in the face and you don’t know where to go from there it can be a painful time.  Our self-confidence can get battered and bruised, and feeling unworthy or not good enough can really throw us for a loop.  You may get stuck in the past, with regret or you may not wish to even look at the future for fear of repeating what you’re going through again.

You know you have to move forward and you know you’re a good person. But somehow it may not seem like enough, because if it was, you wouldn’t be facing this position now…right?

Imagine what it would be like to believe in yourself again. To know that you DESERVE every wonderful thing in your life and that you are more than enough to have whatever vision you choose to have.

As an intuitive spiritual guide for practical matters specializing in changing with grace and joy, I can help you find your self-confidence again, or perhaps find it for the first time.  By uncovering the True You, you can then come from a place of empowerment and consciously envision and create the steps to a life of joy and purpose. 

And as a certified Marconic Energy Recalibration Practitioner and teacher, I can help you raise your vibration above the fear frequency shaking away the self-doubt and raising your self-confidence level, release up to 51% of your karmic debris, trigger a deeper connection to aspects of your higher self, and assimilate higher light frequencies in a permanent attunement to source energy.

And if you can’t sleep, you get depressed or feel lethargic when you’re at home, or even if you have some relationship issues among the people living there, I can even give your home a tune up with energy space clearing so the energy will feel lighter, brighter and more in alignment with who you want to be

A combination of any or all of the modalities may be chosen when you work with me.

Is it time to let go of the old, shift your life and create a new normal?  One where you believe in yourself and can find amazing possibilities for yourself? 

I Believe in You!  You ARE Enough!

Borrow my belief in you as we work together to transform your life.

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What is Your Next Step?? 


Check out the packages below and if they don’t fit, a personalized package
will be prepared specifically for you after your telephone consultation.

The True You Package (12 Sessions)
For Best Results 50% of these Sessions Must be Done in Person

For your deepest dive and greatest results, my signature package may be for you, especially if you are unfocused on where to turn, but are ready to release the old and find joy in the future. This is also for those simply dealing with ascension issues and symptoms.  

In this package I help you by raising your vibration, which shakes off patterns, fears and beliefs that no longer serve you.  You will become lighter and more hopeful as you realize that you are more than enough to have a bright future. 

Includes: 3 Marconic energy No Touch sessions; a Marconic Recalibration to shift your entire body energy system, release up to 51% of your past karma, and find a deeper connection to source; an energy space clearing for your home to raise its vibration as well, to help you heal, sleep better and bring harmony to those in the home; and 6 – 1 ½ hour integration coaching sessions to quantum leap your change by clarifying your vision for the future and helping you shift at a deeper and quicker pace.

An added bonus!  Shift and raise your vibration, and many of those around you will be changed as well.

$1,750 – may be divided into two payments 

Follow-Up Packages Available

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Finding Your Vision Package (8 – 1  1/2 hour sessions)
In Person or by Phone

This pure coaching package is perfect to focus on one area of your life. Do you wish to change careers, find life after a divorce, or simply work on your self-confidence? Then this may be the package for you.

Here I can help you clarify your deepest dreams and desires, explore your unique gifts and talents, work thru blocks and fears, and put together small achievable action steps that you decide on; all of which can lead you to the life you are longing for and what you so richly deserve.  If you are open to using them, visualizations and intuitive readings may unlock the answers, but there are many other tools to use as well.

$1,350 – may be divided into two payments

You may wish to add a Marconic or home energy space clearing to this package for greater results.

VIP Day – Change Your Money Karma Intensive
In Person, by Phone, or Zoom

In this private VIP Day, I help my clients release major karmic, emotional and spiritual agreements so they can forever change their relationship with money and easily manifest financial prosperity.

Includes assessment, envisioneering, bringing blocks to surface, intuitive readings to remove numerous parental and past life blocks, updating spiritual agreements, a powerful exercise that helps you integrate opposing thoughts on money, guided visualization and Marconics multidimensional energy body work to raise your vibration and aid in integration.

Full Day / 5 hours – $897

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Available for Speaking Engagements, Classes, Workshops and Seminars

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