Do You Ever Wonder Who You Are or
If There is More to Life Than This

Sometimes we come to a time in our life when we question where we are and if we’re making a difference, or maybe even if what we’re doing really matters.  You know you’re a good person, but it doesn’t seem like enough.  You want more and may even feel like some unseen force is pushing you to be more aware of all that is.  So you are reaching out, ready for something…but you aren’t sure exactly what that is. 

And I think you’re probably pretty exhausted from trying everything you can think of to make this shift. 

Change can be scary, but sometimes not changing is just unthinkable. 

I get it…I’ve certainly been there!


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Whether you simply want to connect to the divine at depth and live from a deep feeling of joy, or you want to change every part of your current life piece by piece, I can help.  I can even help you focus specifically on shifting your money karma if you need to focus on that block!

As your Intuitive Spiritual Guide for Practical Matters, I can help you find the True You by showing you how to create anything you want in your life while helping you take concrete steps to actualizing your vision. 

And as a certified Marconics Energy Recalibration Practitioner, I can help you raise your vibration above the fear frequency, release up to 51% of your karmic debris, trigger a deeper connection to aspects of your higher self, and assimilate higher light frequencies in a permanent attunement to source energy.

And if you can’t sleep, you get depressed or feel lethargic when you are at home, or even if you have some relationship issues among the people living there, I can even give your home a tune up so the energy will feel lighter, brighter and more in alignment with who you want to be.

Is it time to shift your life to a higher place and create a new normal? 

You can have all the tools you need to embrace your vision and create a life that flows beautifully and effortlessly.  Just reach out and ask.

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Which opportunity sounds right for you?

The True You Package
The Recalibration Must be Done in Person
But Alternative Available

My signature package for those asking the age old question, “Is there more to life than this?” or dealing with ascension issues and symptoms.  In this package I help my clients raise their vibration, find a deeper connection to spirit and shed the heaviness of day to day life, by releasing up to 51% of your past karma using Marconics energy, thereby allowing more lightness, joy and a clearer vision for your life into your awareness.

Includes 3 Marconics energy No Touch sessions and a Recalibration to shift your entire body energy system and includes an energy space clearing for your home to raise its vibration as well, to help you heal, sleep better and bring harmony, and 5 spiritual integration sessions to clarify your vision for the future and help you shift at a deeper and quicker pace.

An added bonus!  Shift and raise your vibration and many of those around you will be changed as well!

$1,750 or payment plan of $900/mo for 2 months

Follow-Up Packages Available

4 months 1 on 1 – Rich in Every Way Package
In Person or by Phone

By working privately 1 on 1 by phone or in person 1 hour a week, I help my clients to stop overwhelm in its tracks by releasing limiting beliefs around success and self-judgment. In connecting to spirit in a deeper way they realize that they can consciously create a life of joy, peace and freedom by putting real legs in the form of a plan of action on their now clear future vision.

Includes envisioneering, clarifying values and priorities, learning a conscious creation method, exercises to release any regrets and guilt, intuitive readings to clarify and release fears and limiting beliefs to success, concrete steps to move you forward, guided visualization, meditations and two Marconics multidimensional energy No Touch sessions in person or remotely to raise your vibration and aid in integration.

$2,800 or payment plan of $750/mo for 4 months

Follow-Up Packages Available

VIP Day – Change Your Money Karma Intensive
In Person, by Phone, or Zoom

In this private VIP Day, I help my clients release major karmic, emotional and spiritual agreements so they can forever change their relationship with money and easily manifest financial prosperity.

Includes assessment, envisioneering, bringing blocks to surface, intuitive readings to remove numerous parental and past life blocks, updating spiritual agreements, a powerful exercise that helps you integrate opposing thoughts on money, guided visualization and Marconics multidimensional energy body work to raise your vibration and aid in integration.

Full Day / 5 hours – $897

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Available for Speaking Engagements, Classes, Workshops and Seminars

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