Is It Time for Energetic Maintenance on
Your Home or Business Space?

Energy Space Clearing will harmonize and balance the flow of energy in spaces at very deep levels.  It is like clearing energetic “stuff” that no longer serves you, but still creates stress in our homes, workplaces, and lives.  A vacuuming up, if you will, of the negative energy that has collected in the corners of your rooms.  

Everything and everyone has an energetic footprint, and you leave your thoughts, feelings and emotions behind like a trail everywhere you go. Imagine the energy of all the people who visit your home or business being there forever; even the argumentative and problematic ones who are totally out of harmony with you! 

Office Energy Clearing May Benefit You If:

  • There is discord among employees
  • The prosperity feels blocked
  • Clients are unsatisfied or leaving the business
  • You are not attracting the right type of client
  • Your business feels stuck
  • Negative people as employees or clients are constantly being attracted into the space
  • The success you are working for seems extremely difficult

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Home Energy Clearing May Benefit You If:

  • You feel depressed at home
  • You have trouble sleeping or you sleep too much
  • There is discord or arguments in your home
  • You are attracting unhealthy relationships into your space
  • Your pet is acting strangely
  • You feel lethargic after work and can’t seem to get anything accomplished
  • You’ve had some difficult people staying with you and even after they leave the house feels “off”

While looking on line you will find a variety of clearing techniques including using crystals, bells, Feng Shui, sound, smudging (if you can stand the smell!), and many other 3-D modalities.

I use multidimensional energy to clear and protect your space.  By connecting the space to your higher self (and to all others who live there), it can turn your home into a restful haven and your workplace into a productive, successful and harmonious one.

How often should you clear the energy?  Probably once or twice a year.  But sometimes we have a particularly trying time where negative energies collect.  If you are going through a divorce or a death, for example, you may need to clear the space every other month.  The best person to assess this is you.  How does the space feel to you?  How do you feel in the space?  If you are feeling good, come into the space and then you aren’t…that’s a great indicator!

Business Energy Clearing – Beginning at $150.00

Home Energy Clearing – Beginning at $100.00

Sliding Scale for Both Depending on Square Footage and Distance Travelled

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