How often are we unhappy, worried, stressed, fearful, angry…you name it?

If you’ve ever had nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, at the dentist when you were stressed about having a procedure, you know that whatever fear or worry you had just melted away, literally.  For me it felt like the fear drained out of my body from my head all the way down to my toes, and it really made me realize that those emotions are only as real as we make them.

The more energy you put into an emotion, the more you can feel it and spinning out of control is not unusual.  You see people angry, guilty, fearful, worried, and even grieving that a little laughing gas could help by giving them a little peace and shifting their perspective.  Not that I’m saying any of these emotions are necessarily bad, but an over abundance can definitely freeze you from moving forward and some can spiral you down into a dark place.

If you don’t know what’s causing the emotion or it’s a biological imbalance, obviously that’s a different kettle of fish, but if it’s a situation or person that’s causing the emotion, try looking at it from a different angle.  First, honor your right to feel whatever you’re feeling.  And then take a step back.  Decide what’s truly causing the emotion.  Are you blowing something up out of proportion, like a worry that something might happen in the future?  Or maybe you’re carrying something with you from the past –what someone said or did, or a situation that went badly.  In any event, when you step back really see it from a third party perspective if you can.  Is it really that big a deal? Does there need to be forgiveness involved…to others or even to yourself?

And if you can look at it even deeper, you’ll really win. You might see the person or situation that caused it and why you feel that way, but there is pretty much always a deeper reasoning why you react the way you do.  Not only what button did they push, but why do you have a button in the first place and how do you remove it?

For these type of questions if you can’t answer them yourself, or if you either don’t see what’s causing it or feel stuck, there are a variety of people that could help you; anything from a therapist, to a life coach, to a doctor to check on your bloodwork and any physical reasons.  At different times I worked with both a therapist and a life coach.  I especially found the life coach who did tapping helpful with the emotions, which is why I became a life coach.  Besides just talking out your issue with someone, there are a variety of tools if you are open; anything from tapping (EFT), to Kinesiology, hypnotherapy, past life regression or readings; you name it.  These are especially good for issues that are deeper or have been with you for a long time, although they can help for even smaller ones.  For people-related issues that you can’t seem to work out, I find that when I do intuitive readings for my client of what the lesson is to learn, they feel freer knowing the reason behind the disconnect or inharmony.

Taking that step back and shifting your perspective can bring you more joy, less worry and stress, and is totally worth the investment of time and even expense, if need be.  Getting unstuck and releasing those emotions bring a true sense of freedom and peace.


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