Is it time for you to begin a new life, or just a fresh chapter in the current one?  Sometimes starting something can be a frightening step, disheartening or feel like you’re falling into a great unknown chasm.  And sometimes it can be exciting and feel life-affirming.  How can you shift your perspective and should you?

First, if it feels exciting and life-affirming, step out in joy and purpose.  You are on your way!  And of course, if feels 100% wrong and scary, take a step back and see what you can do to shift gears and go either in a different direction.

But then there is all that area in the middle. If you feel unsure, look at where you are going and see if it feels like you are on your path or veering in an unknown and totally foreign direction. If it feels really wrong somehow, listen to your feelings.  See if there is another direction that would be better for you.  Many a time it might just be uncomfortable because it is so new, but other times, not listening to your “gut” may take you off a path you would rather be on.  This is especially bothersome for a new job possibility or a new move because those are a little harder to stop once rolling along.  New relationships can be easier to quash, but once involved to any extent also can lead to difficulty and heartache.

Sometimes we simply need to stop and, as the saying goes, look before we leap.  Is this what we want?  Think through it however you choose, and then “feel” through it, and/or pray through it.  Connect to your highest source and see if you feel like a go ahead is in your best interest.  If you can’t tell, it’s okay.  There is no real wrong choice, just lessons and a different path.  And sometimes we only have to shift the choice slightly and then everything “feels” right again.

But, just like Indiana Jones in the movie when he was looking for the Holy Grail, if you have faith that you are headed in the right direction, if you look down and see a huge drop, maybe you aren’t looking at things from the right angle.  When Indiana took the step out in faith and the camera panned back, you could see the walkway that was there even though you couldn’t see one from his angle.

So how do you know?  Stepping out in faith when something feels right is the secret.  It can open your path to new and wonderful possibilities for your life.


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