How do you stay calm when the world seems to be going crazy around you? Or do you? When politics, riots, COVID, the lock down or anything else happens out in the world, how do you react? Do you feel safe and calm in your little protected bubble; are you worried sick; are you angry; or maybe you swing wildly back and forth?

If the world is driving you crazy and you don’t like who you are nowadays, take a deep breath.  Just know, it’s probably fear of some sort. Fear of not knowing what the outcome for any of these situations will be and how it will impact you. What if the political party you don’t like takes office or the shut down due to COVID lasts for years, how will it hit the stock market, your job, the housing market, etc., etc.?  We simply don’t know. Not knowing leads to stress, fear, anxiety, depression, anger…you name it, depending on the person.

So, how do you stay calm? Many people swear by meditation. Meditation causes your brain to slow down, to be more relaxed and generally lift your vibration higher above the fears, irrational and otherwise. But anything that relaxes and calms you will work. Some people knit, some garden and some just count to 10 to relax and stay calm. Some unplug from the news and any type of social media. Others unfriend people who get nuts and rant on and on. Finding your happy place will really help you release the fear, and stepping away from the people that trigger you if at all possible is a very good idea.

So how do you stay calm? One breath at a time. Outer circumstances don’t have to influence your inner world and the way you react. The good thing is, it’s your choice.


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