“Have you ever looked for something that was right in front of you but you could not see it?  Suddenly it comes into your view and you wonder how it was that you weren’t able to catch sight of it before.  That’s how I have experienced Carol’s spiritual guidance.  She has intuitively unearthed blockages and obstructions that have held me back from attaining my goals in the practical matters of my life – issues seemingly obvious, but hidden from my understanding.

But Carol’s ability doesn’t stop there.  She’s an expert guide in helping you to find your path, your life purpose, and the ways and means of realizing your hopes and desires.  Working with Carol has been like mining for treasure:  discovering, extracting, and perfecting.  Her talent and dedication is truly amazing and life changing.  If I could only use one word to describe Carol and the coaching she offers it would be Phenomenal.”

~Victoria H., Cave Junction, OR


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Life has ups and downs and comes in phases for certain, but when I first started working with Carol I had just hit rock bottom, I mean a 50 year low point! Imagine you are skydiving but your parachute only partially deploys and you slam into the ground hard! You survive but wonder where on earth do I go from here, how do I put the pieces back together after that.  Well that is where Carol comes in and works her magic! She has an insightful and intuitive knack, a box full of really cool tools, and just maybe a little help from above in walking you through an amazing healing process. I found myself coming out on the other side, not bruised and battered, but health, happy, smiling, laughing and so much lighter! I have found purpose in an exciting new direction in life, and a way of looking at the world where I just can’t help but smile. Yes! I have connected to my joy!  Thanks Carol, from the bottom of my heart.”

“Update, I was having such great success with the life coaching, that when I heard about the VIP day I decided to treat myself and try it.  I honestly didn’t realize when I signed up the subtitle was “Change your money karma” and it’s probably a good thing because like many other people I tend to shy away from my deepest issues, fearing it will be too much work, too painful, or I will not have success.  For me, on the day I entered this world I was homeless and impoverished.  A nice lady had told my mother she could stay with her until the baby (moi) was born and then she had to get out. Sparing you the details, in a nutshell thus continued the next several decades, in fact I had just gone through (only six months prior) my SECOND bankruptcy (yes a two time loser!) So shameful, in my fifties, has worked for over thirty years, and not a penny in savings or retirement…   Sigh… When I realized what the day was about I thought ugh… (UGH!!! was more like it.) Well, OK we’re here, let’s do this thing. 

I had no notion or even hopes it would be successful, and it’s only been a couple of months but it seems like at every corner I am being pleasantly surprised, well shocked would be more accurate, at the circumstances that keep popping up!  I have three boys and literally within days my youngest was hired at the local burger joint the day before his fifteenth birthday (honestly, who hires at fifteen?) The next week my sixteen year old son was hired at Applebee’s, and my oldest actually found (found on the ground, NOT bought, a $1,000 winning lottery ticket!) What was going on!??? My youngest said he wanted to buy my husband’s car with money from his new job so my husband applied for an auto loan to buy a truck. (Oh come on… Seriously, your last truck was just repossessed, no one is going to give you a loan!) Yet miraculously a bank that was in our first bankruptcy (yes for a truck loan gone bad) “accidentally” approved the loan at a fantastic interest rate!  Holy Hannah!  My head was spinning.  (They did discover it later but the contract was signed so we got to keep it!)  The following week my work announced a “surprise” bonus and my husband’s regular bonus was $500 more than expected!  The hits just keep coming!  We are only a number of weeks into this, but it’s all around me, kids who would normally be asking for never ending handouts are now self-sufficient and even treating me to dinner, manicures, paying their own car insurance, etc.  Yes, I am “feeling blessed”, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.  Thanks Carol!”

~Nancy D., Salt Lake City, UT

“Carol DeChaine is a wonderful and effective energy healer.  I came to her when I was in very dark place.  I am in the helping business; but, came to realize that I still had some difficult, very old, and very stuck things to release in order to feel the light.  I was hesitant to go to an energy healer because I didn’t know how it all worked.  I cancelled twice before I finally went to our scheduled appointment.  Carol was kind, compassionate, and understanding from the beginning of my journey.  These traits only heightened once we began to work together.  I left our first appointment feeling lighter and as if I had made the right choice.  She presented a package that I felt comfortable with and fit my needs perfectly.  After I started the work, I looked forward to our sessions.  Following the first no touch energy healing, I felt as if I could fly and knew without doubt that everything was going to work out for me.  With each session, my fatigue, both mental and physical, lifted more.  I no longer experienced brain fog.  In fact, I experienced significant mental and intellectual clarity.  My depression and anxiety dissipated completely. 

Since my work with Carol, my intuitive sense has sharpened in ways I never imagined possible.  I felt as if I were vibrating on a different energetic level after working with Carol.  It has now been over one year since my last energy healing and I still feel absolutely wonderful, constantly experience the light, continue to notice significant increases in my intuition, and have learned to love myself completely and unconditionally.  I am so grateful for Carol and the energy work she did with me.  I am whole and unencumbered now.  I am transformed.  All of the work I did with Carol has helped me improve all of my relationships and my ability to help people.  I highly recommend Carol for energy healing if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, depressed, fatigued, brain fogged, or lost.  I recommend Carol if you feel as if you are not meeting your full potential. 

Carol also came to home to clear it of negative energy.  She warned me that the energy would feel so different that my husband may respond negatively.  He did respond; however, it was a very positive and upbeat response.  With my energy moving in the upward direction, I noticed my husband’s moving positively as well.  Amazing things have happened in our relationship because of the energy work I have done with Carol.  I could have never guessed that going for energy healings would have such a significant positive impact on my husband and our relationship.  My life just gets better with time despite the unprecedented situations in our country at this time. 

Carol helped me so significantly with her energy healings in all areas of my life that I will forever be grateful.”

~Elizabeth P., Alameda, California

“Carol helped me to see how much negativity and old baggage I was still carrying with me, and how it was limiting me and making me unhappy – under the happy face I always wore.  Carol is helping me to release that negativity and know all things really ARE possible; what I knew to be true when I was a little kid.  I’m truly feeling happier and more hopeful that I can live my dream and can bring it into fruition. 

Carol has a special gift to help people heal themselves and once again have access to the abundant gifts that are waiting for them to enjoy.”

UPDATE:  “I wrote my first testimonial about Carol when she was helping me discover what was preventing me from being fully happy and living my dream of having my own music studio.  Being more right-/creative-brained, I couldn’t figure out what practical steps I needed to take for my new business.  I wasn’t aware of the negative perspective I was putting forth that was holding me back.  I didn’t have a clear picture of what I wanted.  Carol helped me focus and put into actual words what my dream was through visualization and other exercises and then helped me create concrete actions I needed to take to reach my goal.

So I just left my secretarial job at a law office and in the same week was contacted by four new students who seemingly came out of the blue.  I was having coffee with good friends when one of the barristas came over to ask if we knew any piano teachers – I had a business card to hand her (thanks to Carol)!  Our theatre company is producing a children’s musical, and I received an email from the mother of a young man who wanted to audition and then continue coming to my studio to study voice and piano.  Students I had in the past who came in and out decided they are serious about studying and want to come more regularly.  I was out shopping and got talking with the shop owner.  She told me about a program I had never heard of teaching home-schooled young people and that there was currently an opening for a music teacher – I wasn’t ready!

Carol is abundantly gifted with intuition, empathy and healing energy, not to mention an incredibly generous heart.  I feel like I am her most important “client” when we work because she always gives 100% of herself and her attention to me.  You will feel like her most important client as well.  Carol is “the real thing!””

~Janet R., Grass Valley, California

“I recently asked Carol to help with a difficult situation I was facing. I had no previous experience working with someone who does intuitive readings and energy healing, but I had heard good things about Carol’s work from a friend who had enlisted her help previously. My situation involved attorneys, a judge, and a court hearing, and I had been told by my defense attorney that I would be serving 30 days in jail at the conclusion of this upcoming hearing. To further complicate matters, my court appearance coincided with a mandatory registration appointment for a class I was required to take for my new job. If I missed the registration appointment I would lose the offer for employment.

After explaining my situation to Carol, she advised me that she intended to help me move some energy so that karmic patterns were resolved and that she would hold the best and highest outcome to occur. She also advised me that I should not worry about the looming court hearing, but simply trust and envision that I would be out of court in time to make my registration appointment, and that there would be a positive outcome at the hearing.

Amazingly, everything worked out perfectly!  I was finished with my court hearing an hour and a half before I needed to be at the registration appointment, and to the astonishment of both the DA and my defense attorney, the judge decided to allow me six additional months to fulfill the requirements of my probation and refused to implement the 30-day jail sentence – despite the DA asking three times during the course of the proceedings for the judge to do so.  My defense attorney was absolutely floored; he could not believe the outcome!  I am so grateful for Carol’s help with this situation, and I have no doubt that the energy work she did absolutely affected the outcome! 

Since then I have been actively visualizing more positive outcomes for situations in all areas of my life with much success. Doing so has significantly decreased my anxiety issues; I feel much more calm and at peace than ever before. I truly believe that I am on the correct path in my life right now, and I am so grateful for Carol’s help in getting me there.  This really was a life-changing experience for me.”

~Lee H., Redding, CA

“After having a long and meaningful career I recently retired and suddenly found myself without direction or purpose in my life. I was referred to Carol and Connect2Joy as a life planner. I found Carol to be insightful, helpful and a good listener.  I also had an energy healing and numerous angel card readings which were extremely enlightening and effective. As a life coach she used a series of questionnaires and suggestions which were very helpful. We worked through a series of options which I hadn’t thought of and helped me narrow down my choices.  She helped me choose the path that would be most fulfilling.  I highly recommend Carol. She will help you find meaning and purpose in your life.”

~Diana G., Berkeley, California