I started at Unity Church when I was in junior high.  Like most kids, I ended up at church because my parents went there first. I won’t say they dragged me there, but it wasn’t my first choice. It was a small church and there weren’t any other kids my age – I was in between the teenagers and the younger kids and they wouldn’t let me hang with either group, so the teacher spoke to me separately.  I made the choice to stay even though I didn’t fit in because I enjoyed the teacher. That one choice sparked a lifetime of spiritual interest – taking classes, trying different churches, and getting certified in numerous different modalities as you can tell from my educational page.  I admit it; I was addicted to spiritual growth all because of a choice I made.

The power of choice did and still does fuel all my growth.  We went thru a few different ministers during my 20+ years there and I remember somewhere in the middle when I was in church the minister, Eve,  would ask how everyone was, and the congregation would respond in various ways at first.  She would ask us again, “no, I said, how are you doing!” Then she would say, “Remember to fake it until you make it!”  (The bolding is her being very enthusiastic.)

Sometimes she would go on to say that we make our own reality by how we respond to people. Things will be as they are, but how we react and let them into our being is what makes us who we are and what we become.  I’ve always remembered that, although at first it was easier in hindsight to see what I could have done!

So how do you get into the “habit” of making the best choice for you without “getting in your head” or acting out in fear or rage?  Practice my friend.  First, realize that you have all the power to make those choices and it WILL change your life.  No matter what anyone else says or does they only have the power if you give it to them.  You are a sovereign being and you are all you need to be already.  So if you react in a way you later wish you hadn’t, or have pain because of what someone said or did, just know that you can choose.  Chose to stay in your own power.  Practice staying centered and calm so that you don’t get angry, act out, be rude right back, or stew about it and hold it in.  Practice will help you stay calm and curious about what they are saying.  Most of the time when they see you aren’t reacting, they get annoyed and walk away.  It gets easier, trust me!  Although, I will admit, sometimes it still takes me a minute or two to get there, but the choice is always worth it!


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