Are you motivated to make a change in your life?  Only you know your own answers. Ultimately the amount you transform your life is up to you.

We are unique individuals who already know how to live in joy and what our life’s purpose is. Spiritually we not only already know our path, but also how to get from here to there.  But it’s true, sometimes our situation or circumstances leave us feeling stuck.  We can’t see the bigger picture, what our path should be or even how to get from here to there.

We all create our lives.  And whether we consciously create our goals or not, we still create our lives.  So when you are writing an autobiography of your life are you the comic relief sidekick or the hero/heroine?  And is the plot a romantic comedy, an adventure, a drama or a horror movie (and sometimes maybe a little of each)?  And how do you feel about that?  If you achieve your goals, are you happy or do you still feel lacking?

The blocks in our life come up and then what do we do with them?  Give in, give up or fight the block and wrestle it to the ground?  So many choices.  And don’t swear at the blocks because sometimes the only time we clean house is when we see the dirt!  If you find a way to go with the flow of your own life many times your path will open up much more easily than fighting all the blocks that show up in a particular direction.  It doesn’t mean you have to give up on a dream, but maybe the steps to get to it look a little different than you planned or the dream needs to shift just a little; like going from wanting to be a brain surgeon to being a researcher about brains and how to overcome or stop Alzheimer’s.

I will admit that I still have my own blocks about some of my dreams/goals, but I recognize them and move through, around, over or dissolve them.  It’s so much quicker than before once I first, become aware all it is that I’m looking at is a block and not something awful or impossible to get through.  Once I see the block for what it is, I can decide how to deal with it.  And they are generally just limiting beliefs, fears or old habits getting in the way of my new dream life.  If I’m ready to deal with them, they fall away.  The trick is being ready and motivated to change and transform your life.  Are you?


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