Have you noticed that sometimes when it rains for too long a time we can get depressed or moody?  Sometimes we aren’t aware of it or don’t know why we feel like that.

So with life, when things seem difficult or we have darker days, we have the same reaction.  Yet we need the rain to enable life to grow. A little or sometimes a big bump in the road can do the same for us. They aren’t always pleasant or easy, but they bring us life lessons if we are willing to take the time to step out from the situation and look at it from a different, and especially higher, perspective; one that isn’t stuck in the muck.  Believe me, while it may be healthy to feel the emotions while going through a challenging time, at some point you’ll feel stuck if you don’t move forward. 

Try to look at a challenging situation or person as though this is the first time you’re hearing about it.  Don’t get caught up in the emotions.  And see if there is an obvious lesson or higher reason.  After all, most of us are great at giving advice to friends or relatives when we see them going through a problem.  Do they take our advice?  I find…rarely…but maybe we’ll take our own. 

Honestly, we already have the answers on how to overcome all of our troubles, but we need to trust and listen if we ask for divine help.   If we choose to learn and be grateful for those bumps and bruises we receive without holding onto the anger, fear or blame in the situation, we can grow and flower. 

If you are one that embraces storms knowing they bring new life, that’s wonderful! If not, there is hope because the more you learn from your lessons, the higher you raise your vibration, so that what might appear to others to be darker times or storms in your life, will bother you less and less.  You’ll rise up sooner to a better place because you’ll know it’s merely a lesson; something when looked at from a future time…may indeed make your life richer for having taken place.


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