Have you ever been in a situation and wonder, how in the heck did this happen?  Maybe you got married and wondered, who IS this person?  Or you bought a house and things constantly went wrong.  You might have even prayed and prayed for something to work out or to show up in your life and you think it does.  And then….hmmmm.  Maybe not so much?

Okay, so you made a list for the house you wanted and you got everything on the list, except you forgot to mention that the roof should be new, the plumbing worked perfectly and the electrical was up to grade and pretty new; also working perfectly.  Maybe you mentioned that you wanted an upgraded kitchen, which you got, but the bathrooms are a nightmare.

Yes, as the saying goes, be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!  Which is good, right???!?  Well, yes and no.  When I was out condo shopping a few years ago I asked for a specific type of condo and I got it.  One with great bones (and closets!), a garage with a place for storage, a fireplace and the ability to renovate it for pretty much everything I wanted for a specific amount of money.  The kicker, and not on my list?  Well, the garage is shared and a number of people can get to my stuff if they want to, so I can’t leave just anything out there, and the fireplace damper is stuck open which the inspection didn’t show, so not only does it let cold air in, but it’s pretty much useless until I get someone out here to fix it (2 years and still not done). A minor inconvenience, but still, it goes to show, be specific!

An example for watching what we say…after my divorce I kept focusing on wanting more love and joy in my life, and so what happens?  I get pulled over for using a non-hands free device while totally stopped in traffic and asking it for directions…and after actually getting a ticket from the highway patrolman, I looked down at my ticket.  And guess what the name of the officer was?  Did you guess?  Officer Lovejoy!!!  I pretty much fell over laughing and the ticket didn’t hurt nearly as much as it would have.

Yes indeed.  Be careful what you ask for.  Be as specific as possible.  If you want to travel first class for a change and you haven’t before, don’t just say you want to travel because you could end up on a bus instead of flying business class or taking that cruise with a suite.  And always, always say “this or something better” because I believe there is a higher power that wants you to have amazing things and sometimes our imagination only stretches to good or great, and not to the amazing and fabulous, which we deserve!

So ask for exactly what you think you want even if you have no idea how to get it, and then get out of your own way while the world shifts around you to hand it to you.  And if it isn’t exactly what you wanted?  Look again at that list and refocus it!


Watch What You Ask For!!! — 2 Comments

  1. You are so right. When I am specific, knowing, believing and put a time frame in it. I get the desired results. Problem is I sometimes am not sure what I want or someone tries to decide for me.

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