I was sitting around waiting for a flight that was delayed two hours and it occurred to me that I was putting off doing things in my life that mattered. Things I would enjoy and would make my life better. I somehow felt I had to wait for something else to occur before I moved forward.

Do you do this?  Are you waiting for your kids to move out to go traveling or waiting for that promotion that you keep getting overlooked for before you move…just in case you’re transferred?  Or maybe you’re waiting to have children until the time is right…

Sometimes we can look back on our life decisions and ask…what the heck was I waiting for?  Life can go by years and years and then maybe it feels too late for those things we’re putting off.

I know I’ve said I would wait to actively look for a relationship after my divorce until one thing happens, or another, but what if what I’m waiting for never happens or it takes years?  Why is one thing exclusive of another?

I’m asking you to look at your priorities. And then, take a look at what you’re putting off. Is it worth it?  Will you be sorry later?

Life is about balance.  If you are concentrating on one part of your life to the detriment of another area, your life may feel off.  You may be stressed, feel pressured or just plain be unhappy.

Look at your life and make room for those things you’ve been putting off.  Find what brings you joy and then don’t wait for your life to begin.


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