Do you know everything you’re capable of or do you surprise yourself once in a while?  Or maybe you surprise yourself constantly?  The possibilities in our life really depend on what we think we can do.  Not what we actually can do.  For example, if you think you can’t run a 10 minute mile ever, you’re probably right because you most likely won’t try, and it is especially hard if no one has ever broken the barrier before.  But once one person achieves something it suddenly becomes possible for others as well.

Look at your life.  Have you ever accomplished something or done something you never thought you would?  Did you give a speech you had to, but never ever wanted to? Did you overcome?  Or did you crash and burn…or maybe somewhere in the middle?  Whatever it is, if you keep trying, you will get better.  For speaking, Toastmasters is a wonderful training ground for both rehearsed and planned speeches, as well as off the cuff talking, with their Table Topics portion of the meeting.  I was bad at both, and it has helped me enormously.  As I’ve grown, my possibilities have expanded hugely and now am scheduled to actually host a radio show.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that was possible.

Our dreams may never become our goals because we don’t think certain things are possible for us.  But if you stretch your dreams bigger, while they may seem less realistic at least to you, your possibilities will stretch farther and farther out of your past comfort zone.  All of a sudden ideas and plans may come to you that would never have occurred to you before…like my radio show.  Something that might have just been a dream in the past, or even something that never even occurred to you as possible for yourself will start becoming a reality.

The trick is finding a way to expand those possibilities.  Really delving into what you want in your life is an amazing exercise and one most people don’t attempt.  Do you want love and what would that look like; a family, and again, what would that look like; what type of career…for example, if you want your love life to either be better or just to have one if you’re alone, what would make you happier.  Think everything from something small to a much larger future.  For example, I want life with my love to include not only quality time together where we laugh, love and communicate at a deep level, but also to have quality time with friends and family where everyone gets along and we really enjoy life together.  Paint a picture whether it seems possible or not.  The more you do, the more fun it can be and the more you will stretch those possibilities; and once you do that, your reality will truly start changing.


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