Do you live your life rushing from one thing to another?  Going from pillar to post without much thought for enjoying your life or stopping to smell the roses?  Do me a favor.  Think about a day in your life, or even an hour or two in one day. What does your schedule look like?  How much do you try to get done and how many people do you cater to in your life…your boss, your children, your spouse…Pause just for a second and give it some thought.

If you’re like me, you just keep going and going, and I actually nicknamed myself the Energizer Bunny, because my energy seems to stay up most of the time.  My friends will tell you I get around 28 hours of stuff done in 24.  But, at some point you have to take a breath, take a beat or minute out of your day and ask yourself – what’s my hurry?  Where am I going so fast and am I truly enjoying my life this way? Do I even enjoy my victories, or do I run off to the next thing? Do I have any peace or any moments for myself to relax without doing something?

So how do you stop the rush?  First, you have to decide, am I worth the effort?  Do I want to truly enjoy this life and my time on this planet? Even if you are working your life purpose and feel on track, we still as human beings, need to find some time to do something just for enjoyment’s sake, or something that brings you those moments of peace. You may have to set an alarm, literally, to make yourself stop the hurry and take those moments. Whether the moments for you include meditation, gardening, walking in nature, reading or whatever strikes your fancy, it should be something that brings you at least a quiet sort of joy and a sense of peace.  For me, sitting on my balcony in the afternoon sun with my trees always makes me peaceful, and if I bring a good book out there, all the better.

Stopping the hurry and rushing from one thing to another every once in a while will help you recharge, it will make you stay more in the NOW even during the time you are rushing around when you take at least a few minutes here and there to break out of the “schedule” you’ve put yourself on.  The peace and the mindfulness that can come from that are worth it.  YOU are worth it!


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