Now that we are FINALLY leaving 2020 behind…can everyone say Hallelujah?!

Where do you go from here? Do you have a plan, a goal or a dream you want to work toward in 2021?

Maybe your goal and greatest desire is just to get out of the house; to eat at a restaurant without fear or a mask, or to finally go on that vacation you had to postpone 3 times. If you’re single, maybe you can’t wait to be able to actually be able to meet in person safely so you can tell if you have chemistry, instead of just talking on the phone or texting. Even Zoom can be tough for checking out chemistry.

If you have no plans, why not? The why is so important here. Are you exhausted or scared or just not a planner? Look at the why so you can look for a motivation to make that plan so you can move your life forward. The more you get excited about the why, the more you will want and even crave to put a plan in place; to dream that bigger dream; to make that goal that may be a step bigger than you’re comfortable with.

And if you DO have a goal, a plan or a dream in place for 2021, I recommend putting together two. Why two? What if we are free of restrictions, but what if we aren’t? If we are free, plan that travel, that larger event, or that wedding you’ve had to put off.  Maybe you want to plan a career move, a house move, or an all out run at meeting someone to have a relationship with. That’s great! Plan away with as many details as you feel comfortable with.

And, if nothing changes for at least half of 2021 – still locked down, great! You can learn that 2nd or 3rd language, do that in-depth spring cleaning and organizing, and really delve into every single piece of paper, take on line courses that interest you, or maybe even get certified in massage, or something else that matters to you.

Please don’t delay or let fear get in your way. We can never plan for every contingency, but we can roll with it and still come out a year later with something that makes a difference to our world. If you don’t have a plan, a dream or a goal, a year will still go by. You will still be that year older, but will you be any happier, any more successful or any more at peace?

What’s the plan?

My plan is to focus on my YouTube channel and retooled podcast, Living Your Limitless Life, so this blog will be put on hold for a time. There are a couple of years of content on my website (, so please read through them and connect with me if you want more ( If I get enough requests, I’ll start the blog back up again.

Happy 2021 everyone!!!


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