When things go wrong do you ever think of one of those old fairy tales and ask yourself, “Where is my fairy godmother?”  I mean, why can’t someone just show up out of the blue and help make my wishes and dreams come true? 

Just like the man who asked God to help him and then kept ignoring the help from another human when it was offered, sometimes when we ask for help or guidance it comes in a form we don’t expect and don’t always notice.  What if you asked for guidance on a matter and instead of getting a thunderbolt out of the blue or an angel appearing, you heard something pop out at you from a commercial on TV?  Or maybe your boss or someone else says something off hand that is the total answer to your prayer or wish?

I remember seeing a movie in a theatre I found kind of stupid and really wished I could have walked out of, but towards the end one line from one of the characters made me cry because I realized that was the answer I had asked for.

Or maybe someone will say something out of the blue and it will answer your questions.  I remember trying to decide where to move when I was younger.  I and my best friend were trying to decide between Colorado, Washington and Texas after discarding the other 47 States as options.  We decided to hold off and come back a week later.  When we spoke again we had both made up our minds.  Thank goodness it was the same State!  We chose Colorado because both of us had 3 separate confirmations.  So 6 times in the course of the week, we had someone we knew or in some cases strangers, speak to us about Colorado and what a great state it was.  We hadn’t told any of these people of our intended move or of the circumstances regarding our decisions.  Totally out of blue.

So the next time you need an answer and wonder why you aren’t either having someone fix the problem for you or give you the answer you prayed or asked for…maybe you’re wrong.  Maybe you have gotten the answer you wanted, but you just weren’t paying attention or realizing that the source can be from anywhere.  So pray if you like and ask for guidance if you want, but pay attention.  Your answer truly can come from any and every direction.


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