When you think back on your life, who did or do you look up to as your hero? Your father or mother? Grandfather or grandmother? Perhaps a political figure, an action figure, a sports figure, or even a movie star. Think back. Really focus in on who it was. This would be someone you either wanted to emulate or become when you grew up – or even now, want to be like someday.

Play a little game with me. Name three things that made them your hero. Were/are they brave, fearless, successful, attractive, powerful, rich…what IS it about them that attracted them to you as a hero?

My hero was a grandfather I never met. He was a musician and lived the first half of his life in Germany.  He did a variety of things including, a clockmaker, a musician, a conductor, and a few other things. He led a dance orchestra, and walked on the cobblestones of his German town with a marching band knocking his two front teeth loose due to the jarring with the brass instrument he played. He composed music for his family to play, since all of them played stringed instruments. So many things.

Really look at your hero. What was it about him or her that make or made them special to you?  And now, find three adjectives that apply to them. My grandfather was detail oriented, creative and musical. Look at those three adjectives. Did you know that they apply to you as well? If you used an adjective like brave or fearless, do you see a reflection in part of your life? If you don’t, ask someone close to you. Do you see me as brave or fearless in any part of my life? Even if you don’t see it yourself, you’ll be surprised at what others see in you.

So, who’s your hero? Why are they one to you? And realize that somewhere along the line, you DID take on those characteristics. Don’t be amazed if somewhere along the line YOU are someone’s hero too.


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