Do you ever ask yourself, why can’t I be rich?  Why them and not me?

I submit to you – what is your definition of rich?  Is it only a specific amount of money? Or on reflection, is it rich in the type of relationships you have with family and friends; a career you love; a home that brings you peace; or a rich spiritual life?

You can’t really feel rich until you have your definition clear.  And then when you do, what’s holding you back from truly having that rich life you crave?  What patterns or beliefs are creating the life you have and where did they come from?  Is it something you heard growing up that became a belief for you – perhaps, you will never amount to anything; or why are you so stupid?  Or maybe it is your parents’ beliefs that you adopted; money doesn’t grow on trees; you have to work hard for your money; or there is simply never enough to go around.  Other options might be never feeling good enough to be making the big bucks, or pretty/handsome enough to have that gorgeous gal/guy date me; or smart enough to get that amazing career.

Most of us have a combination of the above or others that hold us back. Not only can they come from interpretations of things that happened to us when we were young, but also our parents’ experiences, generational beliefs and, I believe, especially past life issues we have been dealing with for many lifetimes.

So where to start?  I recommend choosing just one issue you know for sure is holding you back from feeling rich.  Look at it from every angle you can.  Where did it come from?  Why do you believe it? How is it holding you back?  And then give yourself permission to release it.  Try not to fight the belief or beat yourself over the head about it.  It simply has been the past, but it doesn’t have to be the future.

What would you be like if you didn’t believe that about yourself?  How would you feel?  How freeing would it be?  Every day put yourself in that place of being that person who is free from that fear or limiting belief.  Bask in the feeling more and more every day.  You will start shifting little by little by just doing this, so that before you know it the strength of that fear or old belief holding you back will begin shrinking so that you identify with the belief less and less and the “riches” will start flowing into our lives more easily every day.


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