Why do things have to be so hard?  We work and work to earn a living or to get something we want, and sometimes things still don’t go our way!  I mean, what’s up with that?  Do we feel we have to earn it?

What if you could work smarter and let go of the 9 to 5, or maybe more like 24/7 in some careers?  What if life was more fun and easier?  What if you could spend more time with your friends and family and just hang out having fun?  How would that feel deep down?

A lot of the internet business crowd think they have found a way because they can work from anywhere, but have you seen them at dinner?  They may be on a date and yet still tied to their phone returning texts and generally being inattentive to who they’re with.  And the other person might be doing the same thing!

It’s time to release the thought that you have to work hard for your money.

So first, look back at what your parents believe.  Were they hard working folk like my dad was? Or were they more easygoing like my mom?  My dad had a definite lack mentality and had his money only coming from his job.  The harder and more hours he worked, the better he felt and the more money he had coming in.  I “inherited” his work ethic of showing up on time, doing my job and being dependable; which is a good thing, but I also seem to have his belief that I have to work “hard” in order to accomplish this.

Did you “inherit” your parents’ belief structure?  Or did you maybe choose the opposite?  It is something to ponder to see how it impacts your life to this day.

And second, let’s take stock.  How hard are you working?  Do you want to change that?  What would be the most fun you can think of with the business you are currently in?  How many hours; location and pay?  And is that even possible with your current situation or do you need to create your new job or business based on what you truly want?  If you can’t make it work with where you are, it may be time to visualize exactly what you want.  The how to on that is a whole other blog in itself and a YouTube video will be coming out shortly on that.

Thinking you have to work hard for your money is a very three dimensional mentality.  If you widen your vision and see from your heart and spirit, multiple ideas will come to you and even opportunities you never imagined.


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