Do you get stuck in traffic very often?  At the time of writing this blog I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I have to say that traffic is just awful most of the time and especially at rush hour. I have plenty of time to think and do lots of things while l’m in the car.

During my driving time it has occurred to me that how we react to traffic is really the way we react to our life in general.  Do you get angry and go through life cursing and yelling at the other drivers? If you do, you probably curse (at least under your breath) at people who get in the way of what you want in your life outside the car.

Do you ignore the traffic and listen to beautiful music?  Then maybe you avoid confrontation, or maybe you just look for peace everywhere you can…or maybe a little of both?

Perhaps you sing in the car at the top of your lungs finding joy as you do; determined to find the fun no matter what occurs.

Do you do nothing and just stew that it’s taking so long to get from here to there?  Do you do the same thing in your life?

Are you so busy doing things besides driving like texting, putting on makeup or eating, that you don’t notice that car stopped in front of you and get in an accident, or less importantly miss an exit?  Ignoring life around you because you are so busy, can definitely cause unwanted and jarring instances in your life.

Or maybe you plan on what you’ll be doing when you get home or to work, or sometime in the future.  Are you so busy planning your future that you don’t see the here and now?

How about listening to pod casts or audio books?  Maybe that means you know how to make the most of your time in a safe way and enjoy it as well.

And if you are wondering what I do, I have to admit I’ve done all these things from one time to another, as well as practicing speeches for various appearances, and lines for a play.  Mostly I practice, listen to music, sing loudly, plan or listen to audio books, but I do occasionally curse or stew.

The next time you’re in traffic, pay attention to how you act.  See if it reflects how you live your life, because if it does, you can see if you want to change your habits while you drive, as well as how you live your life.  Finding more joy in both, can be easier than you think!


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