Sometimes we need to step away from the hubbub of the world and find our center. Whether we meditate, find somewhere in nature to go or play with our children or pets, they all can help de-stress our lives.  We can also use our imagination to refresh and recharge.

So let’s pretend that you can step out of your back door into an enchanted garden. What would your fantasy garden look like?  A more formal English rose garden, a rock garden, a Japanese Zen garden, a wild flower garden, or maybe even a vegetable garden? Or perhaps a labyrinth where you could wander with a beautiful fountain in the middle?

Think through what this garden would look like.  Perhaps a bed of daffodils, tulips or trailing vines of wisteria or jasmine. Is there a gazebo or a trellis arch you can walk through? A deck or a covering of some sort?  Is there seating and a fire pit or a waterfall or even a pool?  A hammock? You get to decide. Your imagination can take you quite far if you let it.

Once you have your enchanted garden in your mind’s eye, visit it often. Visualize walking through it when you are having a tough day.  When life gets to be too much, just close your eyes for a minute and take a breath and see the beauty all around you that you’ve created.  After a few breaths the peace will slide into you and the day will feel much less stressful. And if you visit it enough, the less time it will take for you to find the peace.

You may even want to start creating such a garden in your own backyard. Then you can share your enchanted garden and help bring peace to those you love as well.


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