Do you feel special?  When you go through your day do you ever say, wow, I’m really special!  Hmmm…probably not, right?

People use that word to mean a lot of different things nowadays.  It is supposed to mean distinguished or distinctive.  My favorite synonyms are: extraordinary, rare, exceptional, unique, memorable and even “smashing”.  The ones I find not so wonderful are peculiar, particular, limited, and different.  Although not necessarily bad, they don’t make me feel the way the first set of synonyms do.

Let’s agree with the first set of synonyms for the definition:  extraordinary, rare, exceptional, unique, memorable and smashing.

Now I’ll ask again…what makes you so special? Do you know? Can you name reasons? Let’s play a fill in the blank game.  Just quickly…

I’m extraordinary because      _________________________i

I’m a rare jewel because         _________________________

I’m exceptional because         _________________________

I’m unique because     _________________________________

I’m memorable because          _________________________

I’m special because     _________________________________

Make sure you find the reasons that make you feel good. Be kind to yourself!  The best games are the ones that we grow from.

You may have to make a list of all your good qualities and if you don’t love yourself very much, it could be a pretty short list.  If you have trouble with this, ask someone that loves you to fill in at least one of the blanks. Ask them to get you started.

I know that you ARE extraordinary and exceptional. You just need to believe it and show the world.



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