When you have a bigger vision or dream that seems almost impossible, how do you get there from here?  Sometimes things fall into place and sometimes we feel like we have to fight tooth and nail (as my mom used to say) to get anywhere and that the universe definitely doesn’t have our back.  We might get discouraged and decide what we felt called on to do or be is merely a day dream that will never occur. 

A little background – first let’s look at the different between a vision, a dream, a goal and a plan.  I find a goal or a plan has steps you know how to get from here to there.  All the A to Z steps can be figured out and planned for, but a dream or a vision?  It is usually missing a few steps at least, because you have absolutely NO idea how to have some of it accomplished.  And a particularly big vision may have most of the steps missing and seem like an impossible dream.

A plan or a goal can look like this:   You want a specific career and you know the steps it takes to get qualified – you want to go to college, you know where you want to go, where the money is coming from, where you’ll live…all the details are figured out.  When that happens you can feel pretty secure, barring unforeseen circumstances, and sometimes with a little patience, hard work and time, that plan or goal will come true. 

But, you may have a dream to be a doctor where the first part is figured out, but maybe being chosen for a residency or the job is much more fuzzy and you don’t know the last part of the dream.  Or the vision may seem impossible if you are missing the money step with no idea how to pay for it; so you know the where and why but not the how.

Basically what you want is at a different vibration from where you are or you would have it already. I loved it when I first heard that if you create your dream, it is actually a reality that you can’t see yet.  It is already out there and all you have to do is raise your vibration to get connected to it.  How?

Lots of ways, but basically anything that makes you know that this can happen…visualizations are great…but my favorite is figuring what it would feel like to be the future you. How do you feel, who do you have to be to have or be this dream?  Once that is clear, act as if it has already happened emotionally. Continuing with the doctor theme – maybe you would feel capable, happy, like you are making a difference – so live like you are already feeling that way.  Be the new you that you want to be.  If you can do that, that dream or reality will feel like you’re being catapulted towards it at lightning speed.  People will say something out of the blue or opportunities will show up and all we have to do is stay fully aware expecting that our dream or vision is there for a reason and we have every right to have it in our lives.


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