Learning to Go With the Flow

Are you a planner or do you go with the flow well? Hopefully you have a balance of a little of both.  I’m more of a planner. But when things go “wrong” or spontaneity is required, going with the flow Continue reading →

I Want to Be Like Them

Have you ever felt draw to certain people? Have you seen lots of people drawn to one person?  Sometimes we don’t know why and sometimes it can be incredibly obvious. Maybe you even feel better when you’re around them.  Granted Continue reading →

Are You Waiting for Your Life to Happen?

Are you waiting for something to happen to change your life or are you choosing to make it happen? I was stuck in a rut for many years…day job, home, sometimes acting in local theatre productions, but that’s about it. Continue reading →

Feeling Lonely??? Step 2

A couple of months ago I blogged about feeling lonely.  Being alone doesn’t equate to being lonely.  Lonely is gut deep and makes you feel like there isn’t anyone around you that really knows you or loves you. I also Continue reading →